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In 1977, the exports in the years 1985-86 from selling vegetables in the company of a pioneering model in later years our company by expanding our horizons to enlarge imports ourselves and move steadily forward on behalf of the definite and firm steps to quality, service, discipline and opened to the world without compromising the principals imports and exports, without any limitation and the capacity issue, we continue on our way.
Since 1985 have been operating without compromising on quality and hygiene. Akyildiz ice means the privilege to say crystal mold and ice in Turkey as the only company that produces a combination of u an indication of franchise. Wherever you are in Istanbul's large fleet of vehicles we provide the highest quality service as soon as possible. Without touching the ice is packed and frozen at -40 degrees and 100% more by increasing the resistance of the service we offer.
Provide recycling services since 1997, with the latest technology. Water silver certificate silver certificate, as well as film company that owns a single document. Newspapers, hospitals, offset, printing all the organizations, such as waste (scrap) fixer (hypo) the waters and negative films, and maximum prices and assure you that the best way. Our industry is available in all qualification certificates.


With our team of qualified specialists with the latest technology with our data by producing the proper implementation and effectiveness of the establishment of a quality system to ensure continuous improvement. awareness of the importance of providing continuity of quality in our staff with the relevant specialized tests for certain periods, and continuous improvement in line to accomplish is to create team spirit. To ensure constant quality in line with the same quality to our customers returning time to increase our customer portfolio.
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